A letter to my rightwing, nationalist friends

Dear confused nationalist right wing friends of mine,

There are quite a few more than I imagined there would be.

And you guys are still my friends, no matter what absurd abuse you throw my way during course of conversations or debates we have.

First up, let me give you a few tips on the rules of engagement.

If you want to make a point, please make it on two very simple ground rules: do not abuse the person you are talking to. Now this may not be even so much as a direct abuse as it could be an under-handed compliment, say something like “intellectual” or “pseudo-secular” or “sickular”. Bear it mind that intellectual or secular are not bad words, and it is a self-defeating argument thereon. You are surely not going to be raising your children to be non-secular; secondly, please do not immediately attribute the unspoken and assume it as a given. Saying “Yakub should not have been hanged” does not mean the same as “give him state honours and make him a guest at Rashtrapati Bhavan”. If you have belittled yourself with such stupid arguments, neither me nor any sensible person will get down to such a level to keep the conversation going.

I would love to have more engaging conversations with the intelligent right wingers.

I am sure we can have more civil engagements, and agree to disagree without any abuse of any form.

Have a good day.


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