How to walk on the streets (aka) Why to stay indoors (aka) The Human body can heal itself but motorbikes are not so divinely blessed


This really happened.

I went out to buy some medicine and vegetables. I prefer to walk to shops well within three to four kilometres from my home, and sometimes I don’t pick the stores closest to home. I actually have a secret theory about this too. The closest stores to your home often sell the suckiest products. (I shall write more on that on a post about all my secret theories).

But the point of this post is to generally talk about how to walk in a manner that is safe to fellow motorists that rule the streets.

So there is this narrow lane I was taking and since it had rained last night, there were puddles all over.

So there I was, trying to keep to the corner as much as possible, but this was a lane. Out of nowhere, a gentle motorist on an 180 cc Pulsar swerved so close to me, and slammed my right hand. I felt a stinging pain and was thinking “What the Fuck”.

But soon I realised that he was just trying to avoid the puddle, just like me. Then it struck me. He is actually thinking like an pedestrian on a bike. More like an immobile pedestrian who is just having a good time on a fuel-inefficient bike designed for race tracks.

I quickly enquired, “I hope nothing happened to your bike. It seems very costly, and I sure as hell hope no nuts or bolts got damaged.”

“Thanks. Yes. That was close. That was a huge puddle of water and I had just bought the bike. It cost me close to a lakh of rupees. Oh, by the way, I hope your hand does not hurt … much.”

“Naah, don’t worry. It will just sting for an hour or so. If that is a ligament tear, I will have to wear some support bracelet. Worse still, a fracture … I will have a cast for a month. But the damage to your bike, I am sure that would have hurt a lot more.”

“Of course. I am glad you are so understanding. This bike is like my baby, or better yet, my lover. I take so much care. If someone, so much as puts a small scratch on it, I would kill the person.”

“Whoa, hope I did not put a scratch on it inadvertently when you slammed my hand while driving.”

“No. You are polite. Don’t worry about it. Nothing I can’t handle in my first free service.”

“So glad to know that.”

“One suggestion. Why do you come out? Don’t tell me it is for shopping. That is so outdated, and uncool. Stay indoors and order online. Walking around is kind of so last century thing to do.”

“Awwww. Thanks for that concern. Next time if I am out walking, and you feel endangered by a puddle, please ride right into me.”

“Haha. I think you are beginning to joke now.”


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