Tamil ICT

Since January 2013, I have tried to focus my energies on the Tamil software developer community.

The reason to do this was simple: get out of the rat race that was gadget reviewing and carve a niche by identifying and highlighting local software developers and communities. As tempting as it is to review the next iPhone, that is an Apple I am not going to bite any more.

The Tamil software community in Chennai, and in general everywhere else, is more vibrant than most people would care to know.

I have many people to thank in helping me grasp the topic: Mani Manivannan, Badri Seshadri, Muthu Nedumaran, Madhan Karky, Sengai Podhuvan, T.Shrinivasan, V.Krishnamoorthy, N.Deivasundaram, and … many more.

For now, Tamil ICT is the goal. But people like Muthu Nedumaran have already told me to look at all Indic languages.

Any help in this regard, I would be grateful for.


Karthik Subramanian



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